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IT Introduction Humanities

Facultary ICT-introduction

Facultary ICT-introduction

During this ICT-introduction of the Faculty of Humanities the subjects in the menu on the left side of the page will be discussed by means of a short written explanation and a few assignments.

Login data

Username and Password

When you enroll at the UU for the first time via Studylink / Osiris*, you receive just one Solis-id and Solis-password for all university computer facilities, with the exception of your UU Gmail-account for your University e-mailadres.

*: If you used UU-services prior to your enrollment as a student, your studentnummer (in Osiris) could be different than your Solis-ID (all other ict-facilities). For example, if you had a guest account at the University Library or if you were enrolled in the Summerschool.

  • Your Solis-id and -password have been sent to you by regular mail that you used for registration in Studylink.
  • It is possible to change your password via the password self-service. You can change your Gmail password via https://uugmailpasswordreset.uu.nl, but you will need a valid and working solis-id and -password.
  • If you somehow cannot change your Solis-password, contact IT about your Solis-password
  • If that doesn’t help you either, if you have forgotten your Solis-id or if you have other problems with your Solis-id and/or -password, find your way to one of the IT-desks in the University Library (Uithof and Drift 27, open Monday to Friday 10:00-15:00) or Kromme Nieuwe Gracht 80 (open Monday to Friday between 9:30-16:30). Bring identification (with a photo).
Solis-id: F012345
Password: *******
Emailaddress: a.b.c.example@students.uu.nl

Trouble logging in?

With the aid of the Solve IT problems wizard you will be directed to a solution or the contact persons that might help you in just a few clicks.

Summary of useful links

Many useful links with general information of student related facilities can be found in the IT-systems for new students and the A-Z facility list.

ICT & Media – Humanities

Besides the general UU IT facilities, the department of ICT & Media also offers facultary IT support. More information can be found on the ICT & Media page.

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